HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! 5-pack of Holiday tanks - dollarbie

Hi there!

Happy Holidays to everyone all over the world.

Here is a pack of 5 tanks that come in all 3-layers: 2 of them are nightmare before christmas theme, 1 has snowflakes, 1 Minorah, 1 Candy cane :)

Hope you like them!

It is located at the central christmas tree.


Niki, Lila and Hadi Axel

Weekend Dollarbie!! & HAIR!!

New Items @ AXEL!!!

A brand new dollarbie available for this weekend only! it's the Vixen outfit in green. You can find it in the new releases section (inside the store & outside corner)

/AXEL: Vixen Outfit - Mini & Halter (several colors!)

/AXEL-LOXE: Sensi Hair

/AXEL- LOXE: Lush Hair

/AXEL-LOXE: Annuci Hair

There are several freebies and dollarbies at the store too, including the weekend dollarbie, so hurry on over! ^^

search places: AXEL

Sexy New Outfit, Dollarbie & HAIR!!


This sexy little number pictured below is called "VIXEN". It comes with a super mini flexi skirt, and a halter with a flexi tie. I also believe that Lila has thrown in the tats that she is wearing in the box too ;)

Comes in various delicious vixeny (its a word now!!) colors! You can find it over in the NEW RELEASES section.


If you want to check the VIXEN outfit out, what better way to do that than to go ahead and grab this dollarbie! Its the same outfit, minus the tats, and in green. Only for this weekend. It will probably come down early Monday morning.


And now for hair!

So these are our first hairs, so hope you guys like them. We incorporatd sculpties into these hairs too, so don't be frightened when you first try the hair on! Let it rezz and the tuborous freaky looking prims on your head will rezz to the proper hair shape.

There are so many hair stores out there, that it is hard to find and make something basic, yet original. Hopefully we achieved that with our three new styles: Sensi, Lush and Annuci.

All the hairs are mod/copy & come in packs of 4 and are $175L. Demos available for 0L




search places: AXEL


Niki Axel

(Hugs to Lila! Hope you feel better soon hon)

Mall Space?

Hello! Just a quick little note.

We are looking for a small little space in an established mall/shopping center to set down some of our items. If you are an island/mall-owner, and are looking to fill up a space, can you please send either Hadi, Lila or Niki an IM or a notecard with the details as well as a LM.

Specifically we are looking for a space that is well-designed, has some established content creators, no BIAB type places, and has reasonably good traffic.


Niki Axel


We modified our adorable Bumble dress to fit the Christmas season :) Its 1L and is sitting outside our New Releases store :) Be sure to check in later this week...we will be releasing some of our latest creations including HAIR o.o!!

~Lila and Niki Axel

Search AXEL in Places for Direct TP to our mainstore


Thanks to everyone who showed up to the store over the weekend to pick up the holiday lingerie set - hope you enjoy it! Several new releases this week, and of course on Friday we will be releasing another dollarbie, so stay tuned!
I released this outfit late last night. Its an all-in-one romper type outfit that I thought would look smokin' at the clubs or for spending time at winter sims. I made several colors of it, the red version looks a bit like a "sexy santa" outfit.
/AXEL Bunny Outfit - Comes in 5 color choices: Red, Pink, Black, Baby blue & White.
What you get:
* Hood+ HAIR!! in 4 colors (brown, blonde, black & ginger)
* Fluffy knee-high eskimo boots (tintable)
* Zipped & unzipped versions of the romper + booty shorts
* Stockings & fluffy furry arm cuffs

(Search Places: AXEL)

Sexy Bunny Outfit!!

This sexy little number has been in and out of my inventory for the past 2 weeks...the booty short-shorts on this one-piece gave me such a headache, lol. BUT now its finished, and I am really proud of it.

I have included 2 different options: Zipped up - for those girls who prefer to cover up, and an unzipped version for those who want to bare their pixel cleavage.

So originally I fiddled around with whether or not I wanted a hood on this, because you know hoods never seems to fit everyone's heads & hair. So I just decided to add a hairpiece to the hood, that way it will universally fit everyone :) It comes in 4 hair colors: Blonde, Ginger, Brown and Black.

Here is what you get in the folder:

Zipped & Unzipped versions of the top
Fluffy arm cuffs
Over the Knee stockings
hair + hood in 4 colors (Blonde, Ginger, Brown and Black)
& BOOTS! yes...Boots! These are those fluffy yeti/eskimo type boots that seem to tie this whole outfit together.

Comes in White, Black, Red, Pink and Baby Blue

300L for hair, an outfit and boots!

You can find it in the New Releases Section @ AXEL (search places: AXEL)

Reminder again - the dollarbie lingerie set will be coming down tomorrow, so go grab it ASAP!!


Niki Axel

AXEL!! Dollarbies and New Releases!!!

Hello Ladies!

Niki and I have been busy making some lovelies for you all :) This weekends dollarbie is our "Santa <3's Me" Lingerie set!! Its set right outside our New Release Boutique :) This dollarbie comes with Bra, Panties and Stockings in both a opaque version and a sexified sheer version :) ALSO we set out 3 new release items :)

1.) Vitalta Set: Basically you get 3 for 1..a set of pants, and two different mini skirts. Personally, I loved pairing these with our Camicia blouses which come in a multitude of colors (..and layers...and also in Sheer PLUS undershirts all in one package o.O)... to me it looks chic and hip and well...i dont think I could really pull off the high-waisted options irl, I think my avie does it quite well ;)

2.) Indra Blouses: These are more like low low low cut tunics...they come with 2 flexi skirt attachments, and sculptie sleeves :)

3.) Last but not least...our Rhapsody Outfit. I saw a similarly pattern skirt on an indian Sari and just loved the intricate detailing and the color blends used...so I tried to recreate it :) This outfit comes with 2 different colored cropped shirts (brown and black) that can be paired with the skirt or with one of our other fantastic items ;) ... This is also available in several colors!

Hope you like them!!

Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

p.s. Niki and I have also been uber busy making HAIR...zomg! We started construction of our latest boutique appropriately named "Loxe".. We havent put out any of our creations yet but just letting you know they will be coming soon :D:D

XMAS Lovin' :)

TP -----> :|: AXEL :|:

| AXEL | NEW RELEASES and This weekends Dollarbie :D

Hello Ladies :) Here are our 3 latest releases! The Vitalta pants, The Rhapsody outfit, and our Indra Blouse. Also you will find the dollarbie right outside the New Release boutique.

Vitalta Set: The set comes with a pants option and 2 skirt options. Available in several different colors. Pairs beautifully with our Camicia blouses :)

Rhapsody: This outfit comes with an ethnic inspired flexi skirt and 2 colors of the cropped shirt. Also available in several colors.

The Indra Blouse: This blouse comes complete with sculpted sleeves and 2 flexi attachments. Comes in several colors :)
Here is this weekends Dollarbie! Its super adorable and cute :) Comes in both Opaque and Sheer versions (Bra, Panties and Stockings)...Hope you like it!!

Lila, Niki, and Hadi Axel
(p.s. you can click on the pictures to get higher resolution images :) )

TP -----> :|: AXEL :|:

New Items!

New items @ AXEL

You can find them in the NEW RELEASES section of the store (straight ahead after you TP in)

/AXEL- DUKME Tunic (7 colors, multiple layers)

/AXEL- CHAPLIN suspender pants (10 colors, multiple layers)

/AXEL - REVIN tee (7 colors, multiple layers)

We have 3 more releases this weekend and a HAWT holiday dollarbie available from Friday-Monday(am)! *STAY TUNED*

TP -----> :|: AXEL :|:


Thanks all for coming to AXEL this weekend and picking up the Deev pants & Jigul Vest holiday dollarbie :D Keep your eyes peeled for another great shmexy little number that will be our dollarbie this weekend coming!

A few new releases today:

2 New shirts and a new pair of funky suspender pants are out on sale at AXEL.

/AXEL - Riven Shirt (7 different colors- 3 layers) - L$85

/AXEL - Dukme Tunic (7 colors, 2 layers:flared/unflared sleeves) L$100

/AXEL - Chaplin Suspender Pants (10 colors, Pants & boots layer, jacke & shirt layers) L$130

TP -----------------> :|: AXEL :|:


Niki, Lila & Hadi Axel

Show us your Pictures!!

Just a short post...

1. Freebies/dollarbies are still at the store (the holiday vest/pant outfit only till sunday night)

2. I met a really super cute lady yesterday who had some modeling pictures taken in our group gift "dolly" dress. She is interested in pursuing a modeling career in SL and has some very unique plans! Keep your eye on Seia Andretti. The photograph shown below was taken and processed by M2C photography headed up Milana Henley.

Dollarbie!!!! This weekend only + 2 New Releases!!

If you couldn't tell, we have been super busy making stuff!! hehe. So as I promised in the last post, 2 new releases for you + a dollarbie outfit that is quite festive looking!

/AXEL- Jigul Vest: Comes in 7 colors and in Jacket & T-Shirt layer.

/AXEL- Deev Pinstripe pants: Comes in 7 vibrant colors and in the pants & underpants layer (for the girls who luv to wear boots).

and.....this weekend's dollarbie outfit!!

Its a holiday rendition of the Jigul vest (green/red) and the Deev pinstripe pants (bright red). It will only be offered this weekend for a 1L, so come grab it before the weekend is over.

Align Center

You can find the 2 new releases at the TP landing point in the tunnel with the rest of the new releases. The dollarbie is located next to the Mearra store (where the old coffee shop was).

TP ----> :|: AXEL :|:

FREEBIE!! (omgnowaysrsly?)

Yes Yes, another freebie!

Basically this post is just to let all you non-group members know that if you join the AXEL subscribeomatic group, you will recieve an exclusive group member version of our yummy shmexy "Dolly" dress for absolutely FREE!

Click on the image to see the full-size image

And its so cute...so really now, c'mon what have you got to lose? Join now, grab your freebie and hang on tight for a handful of more new releases this weekend, and possibly another little treat :-D

TP to AXEL (search places: AXEL) or use the SLurl below, then click on the subscribeomatic update group at the end of the entry-tunnel. If you click on the sub-scribeomatic again, a blue dialog box will appear- click on "HISTORY". You now have access to all the freebies and goodies we have given out since we opened the store!!

TP now ----> :: AXEL ::

/AXEL/ Subscribo Freebie xoxox

Today is our 2 month anniversary! Its been a great ride so far and thank you so much to the lovely comments and reviews we have gotten.

Here is this month subscribe-o-matic group freebie :) Its a group only mod of our latest release, The Dolly Dress. It comes with sculpted sleeves as well as two different skirt options. Also available on jacket and shirt layer :)

Happy Holidays!!

smooches, Lila Axel


:|: AXEL :|: The Dolly Dress

New Release today at AXEL :)
(Located in the New release section at the TP landing point)

The Dolly Dress:

A body hugging off the shoulder mini-dress with sculpted bell sleeves. This dress comes with 2 skirt options. A prim skirt that offers a sleek and sexy look, and a slightly flared flexi prim skirt :)
Great for clubs, dancing, or make it casual with leggings underneath.
Comes in Jacket and Shirt layer for versatility.

Available in 10 colors!:

Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Orange, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Gold and Silver

Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel
TP to Mainstore: :: AXEL ::

| AXEL | Camicia Blouse and more...

Hi Ladies ~
We just released this new blouse called "Camicia", its available in 7 vibrant colors.

~ We will be releasing about 4 new things by the end of the week~ :)


o Opaque blouse on Shirt and Jacket layer
o Sheer blouse on Shirt and Jacket layer
o Sculpted Cuffs and shirt collar
o A black lace trimmed undershirt and a white lace trimmed undershirt
You can find Camicia as well as our latest new releases at the TP landing spot (in the tunnel)






~ Stay tuned for more releases this week~


Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

TP to Mainstore: | AXEL |

NEW RELEASE!! Oh so versatile Blouses!

Hi Ladies, we released this cute & simple blouse that you can pair with just about anything!

"Camicia" Buttoned Blouse:

Comes in multiple layers and in 7 vibrant colors!
o Opaque blouse on Shirt and Jacket layer
o Sheer blouse on Shirt and Jacket layer
o Sculpted Cuffs and shirt collar
o A black lace trimmed undershirt and a white lace trimmed undershirt

You can find Camicia as well as our latest new releases at the TP landing spot (in the tunnel)

Keep an eye out for more new releases this week!

Also, be sure to join the Subscribeomatic Update Group to receive all the group gifts!

TP to the mainstore ---> :: AXEL ::

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