| AXEL | NEW RELEASES and This weekends Dollarbie :D

Hello Ladies :) Here are our 3 latest releases! The Vitalta pants, The Rhapsody outfit, and our Indra Blouse. Also you will find the dollarbie right outside the New Release boutique.

Vitalta Set: The set comes with a pants option and 2 skirt options. Available in several different colors. Pairs beautifully with our Camicia blouses :)

Rhapsody: This outfit comes with an ethnic inspired flexi skirt and 2 colors of the cropped shirt. Also available in several colors.

The Indra Blouse: This blouse comes complete with sculpted sleeves and 2 flexi attachments. Comes in several colors :)
Here is this weekends Dollarbie! Its super adorable and cute :) Comes in both Opaque and Sheer versions (Bra, Panties and Stockings)...Hope you like it!!

Lila, Niki, and Hadi Axel
(p.s. you can click on the pictures to get higher resolution images :) )

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