AXEL- Hoodie Hair!!

This is the time of year when I start pulling out all my sweaters, tights, boots and of course my season staple - hoodies. They are so versatile, I tend to put them on top of a long sleeve tee's or cami's...and then pair them up with jeans (in this case, our signiture - Kesfat Jeans), and VOILA! an easy casual look ^^

The problem with hoodies in SL is the attachment point that fits best for this style happens to be where your hair is. So either you rock the hoodie bald...or you attach hair to the hoodie - as seen with Maitreya brand hoodies. Well, since I have been looking for a shorter bob-type hair style, and I couldn'd find one, I just decided to make my own version.

Each hoodie comes with 8 hair colors, and there are a total of 8 different hoodie colors, for $250L. You can find it on the back wall in Ikati (left after exiting the bridge) or TP directly:

Hope you like it!

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Yummy Mini Dress Set

The "Cutah" dress set is now on sale in the "Femme" store for 200L. It's a real bargain for everything you get inside!

Be sure to participate in the halloween freebie hunt too...there are our signiture sculpted stillettos, a blouse, a cute dress and some funky stripey socks.
Here are some pictures of the "Cutah" dress set in all the flavors ^.^

Comes with 2 sets of footless fishnets (colored and black)
A necktie
Multiple layers
Flexi skirt and mini-skirt options
It was fun to make, so hope you have fun wearing it too!


On saturday I was out on the town with some friends, and I saw a totally rockin' ultra mini-dress with footless fishnets anchored with a slim scarf and ankle boots. It was so chic and fresh that I just had to attempt to replicate it.

This is my rendition of that outfit: Its called "Cutah" and comes with:

Flexi mini skirt
Prim- tight mini skirt
Glitch pants
2 sets of footless fishnets (colored & black)
Optional Arm poofs
Optional Neck tie.

The top has a sweet little bow right at the cleavage, so you can wear it with or without the tie. It comes in 6 colors: Black, Gold, Red, Violet, Green & Electric Blue.

I haven't put it out yet, but I will do this evening.

So here is a picture of the red (with the prim mini) and green versions (with the flexi mini) of the dress, let me know what you think ^.^

Click the images to enlarge.

:|: AXEL :|: Main Store is NOW OPEN!!

Lila, Hadi and I have spent the past month finalizing our flagship store located in the Wollondilly sim. SLurl:

We tried to have something for everyone, and we are currently working on the mens-line of clothing. We hope to have some thing out in the next month or two for that.

Finally, since Halloween is coming up, we put together 4 festive freebies hidden through out the new sim. There are sculpted stillettos, socks, a top and a cutsie dress :D Just look for a black bat like the one in the ad below.


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