AXEL!! Dollarbies and New Releases!!!

Hello Ladies!

Niki and I have been busy making some lovelies for you all :) This weekends dollarbie is our "Santa <3's Me" Lingerie set!! Its set right outside our New Release Boutique :) This dollarbie comes with Bra, Panties and Stockings in both a opaque version and a sexified sheer version :) ALSO we set out 3 new release items :)

1.) Vitalta Set: Basically you get 3 for 1..a set of pants, and two different mini skirts. Personally, I loved pairing these with our Camicia blouses which come in a multitude of colors (..and layers...and also in Sheer PLUS undershirts all in one package o.O)... to me it looks chic and hip and well...i dont think I could really pull off the high-waisted options irl, I think my avie does it quite well ;)

2.) Indra Blouses: These are more like low low low cut tunics...they come with 2 flexi skirt attachments, and sculptie sleeves :)

3.) Last but not least...our Rhapsody Outfit. I saw a similarly pattern skirt on an indian Sari and just loved the intricate detailing and the color blends I tried to recreate it :) This outfit comes with 2 different colored cropped shirts (brown and black) that can be paired with the skirt or with one of our other fantastic items ;) ... This is also available in several colors!

Hope you like them!!

Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

p.s. Niki and I have also been uber busy making HAIR...zomg! We started construction of our latest boutique appropriately named "Loxe".. We havent put out any of our creations yet but just letting you know they will be coming soon :D:D

1 Response to AXEL!! Dollarbies and New Releases!!!

December 16, 2008 at 3:24 AM

The new sets are adorable!


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