Sexy Bunny Outfit!!

This sexy little number has been in and out of my inventory for the past 2 weeks...the booty short-shorts on this one-piece gave me such a headache, lol. BUT now its finished, and I am really proud of it.

I have included 2 different options: Zipped up - for those girls who prefer to cover up, and an unzipped version for those who want to bare their pixel cleavage.

So originally I fiddled around with whether or not I wanted a hood on this, because you know hoods never seems to fit everyone's heads & hair. So I just decided to add a hairpiece to the hood, that way it will universally fit everyone :) It comes in 4 hair colors: Blonde, Ginger, Brown and Black.

Here is what you get in the folder:

Zipped & Unzipped versions of the top
Fluffy arm cuffs
Over the Knee stockings
hair + hood in 4 colors (Blonde, Ginger, Brown and Black)
& BOOTS! yes...Boots! These are those fluffy yeti/eskimo type boots that seem to tie this whole outfit together.

Comes in White, Black, Red, Pink and Baby Blue

300L for hair, an outfit and boots!

You can find it in the New Releases Section @ AXEL (search places: AXEL)

Reminder again - the dollarbie lingerie set will be coming down tomorrow, so go grab it ASAP!!


Niki Axel

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