AXEL - Jin Pants

Dress these up or dress-em down...these plaid pants have been sitting in my inventory for some time now waiting to be released :) Finally got around to it, lol...
They come in 7 different colors: Black, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Brown..they come Copy/Mod on both the pants and underwear layer too :)
They are located in our New Release area right at the TP spot (wait for it to rez >.<) Happy Holidays!



Hi Ladies!
Here are a few snapshots of the items we have for sale at the Venus boutique at the AXEL main store. The dresses come in several colors, and are all completely hand drawn by us :D sure to check out our new releases located at the TP point!
Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

Makmali Dress:

Talla Dress:

Shalini Dress:

Rangorang Dress:

Preetee Dress:

Pashma Dress:

Nargess Dress

Murpla Dress:

Lexia Dress:

Jila Dress:

Giggly Dress:

Bumble Dress:

Arachna Dress:


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We made some arm warmers, they are in a pack of 6 colors, with sculptie cuffs for 200L .
They are located in our NEW RELEASE section at the TP spot.

/AXEL/ Sveglio Arm Warmers (6 pack): 200L -

Happy Thanksgiving!! Freebie Tank Pack

Happy Thanksgiving!

Freebie 4-pack of Cropped Tanks
"Happy Tofurkey day"
"Pumpkin Pi"

AXEL : Late night release

Before i go to bed, I wanted to put this out on our New Release wall for you all :)
Its a mini cable knit sweater with little pockets and sculptie sleeve cuffs. It comes in 8 different colors :) Also we have a 4 pack of freebie Thanksgiving tank tops that are located just outside the TP area next to the big tree in the AXEL square :)
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
Lila, Hadi and Niki Axel

Also here are the other 3 releases from the beginning of the week if you havent gotten around to checking them out :)

TP to our MAIN STORE :|: AXEL :|:

Happy Thanksgiving! FREEBIE TANK PACK!

To pay thanks to you all, we made a fun Cropped & Ribbed set of tanktops with a Thanksgiving theme!

There are 4 in the pack:

"Happy Tofurkey day", "Turkey" "Pumpkin Pi" and "Plain"

You can find it at the store hanging on the tree.

Wish you all a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!

- Niki, Lila & Hadi


Hi :)

Niki and I have been a tad busy trying to update the look of our store with some fresh new photos of our stuff instead of the alpha textures we were using before...kept us quite busy in our little photosphere! But as we continue to change up the look of the store, we made a few cute things for you ladies out there that are season appropriate!

1.) We have the ELM Set that comes in 6 different cardigan colors. It comes complete with the cardigan, the flexi skirt and the belt :)

2.) This is our Garmeh Sweater dress set, available in 7 different colors! It comes with the flexi skirt, fishnet/opaque tights, sculptie collar and cuffs and matching belt.

3. ) This is our warm and fuzzy Spalla sweater, also available in 7 colors. It comes with a off the shoulder sculptie collar, and sculptie sleeve cuffs. The sweater itself can be worn with something underneath or without :)



Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

:|: AXEL :|: Just because...

:) Just thought Id post some of the new pics we took for the Femme boutique located at our AXEL mainstore. We are in the process of redoing all the boutiques like we have done for Femme, and hopefully release some of the goodies I have in my inventory for all of you in the next coming weeks. Anyways, here are a few of the pictures of the outfits we have for sale at AXEL :)

Outfits in order are: Suinna, Balme, Nuisa, Plim, Bellus, Milli, and Jetson. All items (minus shoes, hair and skin) are included in the outfit :)

~Lila Axel


Being in such a wonderful open community like Second Life, we can expect to see people carrying out their virtual lives in various ways, whether it be making your pixel doll to look like a cute bear cub, whether it be holding down a job to support your shopping addiction in SL, or participating in the many various roleplaying area's. So Niki and I at decided that we wanted to support the roleplayers out there by providing some hand drawn original designs for the Goreans out there.
So far our collection is rather small, but Im rather pleased with how the outfits look.
We are focusing on Freewomen, Kajira, and Panther clothing... :)

These are our panther fur boots, available in 4 colors. Below are examples of the panther attire and the freewomen clothing. Each outfit comes with several items like necklaces, armbands, stockings, veils, earrings and different skirt options... :)

Ill post some pictures of our other items when i get a chance to model some our other PHUR store items. They all come in a variety of colors, we have 2 FW dresses, 3 Kajira silks, and 3 panther outfits as well as a pair of boots (in 4 colors).

We are also gearing up to release a boat load of new shiz for you all :) We are really excited about it hehe...we have scarves, arm warmers, knit dresses, new shorts, plaid pants, leggings, cardigans, sweaters, cami's all coming soon in our November release!

Be sure to join our update group located at the AXEL store TP spot for special releases for group members :)

Lila Axel


I love winter time but I hate being cold. I love t-shirts but i dont want my arms to freeze into whats a girl to do?
Well, if you are anything like me, I love to layer. I layer clothing like nobodys business, so to get extra life outta my tee's during the harsh winter months, i throw a thermal underneath and hey presto- a new look! Ok, so this look isnt ingenious, or new...but it works.
We just released the AXEL/Zebel Tee's... its available as a thermal, a regular tee and cropped tee (for all you scandolous girlies) all for the price of one. Available in the IKATI boutique at the AXEL mainstore.

Be sure to check out all our other boutiques too (Mearra, Femme, Venus and Phur).
Model is shown wearing the Zebel Thermal in Green, the Kesfat Jeans in Black, and the Pashmalu Boots in Black (All /AXEL/)

Lila, Hadi, and Niki Axel
:: AXEL ::
Lila took these beautiful shots of us dressed in clothing from the VENUS & FEMME stores at AXEL. If you haven't been by there already, you are missing out!
Other totally awesome news is that finally Route 9 is being built adjacent to our sim! *High Five* to the lindens for getting their butts in gear and actuallly doing something about these long stretches of empty space.
/AXEL- VENUS: Formal & Party wear!

VENUS- Bumble dress (Yellow)
hair- Armidi
Skin- MMSkins

VENUS- Murpla dress (purple)
hair- Armidi
Skin- Tuli

/AXEL- FEMME: Funky & fresh, couture inspired fashion.

FEMME- BessyJo Complete Outfit
hair- Armidi
skin- Gala

FEMME- Milli Complete Outfit
hair- Armidi
skin - MMSkins


:: AXEL ::

If you haven't been over to AXEL yet, you are in for a treat!

AXEL has 5 unique boutiques (see map above):

IKATI: Neko, punk, grungy urban gear.

IKATI-Equiis Blazer (Black)
IKATI-Tarti Skirt (Red)
Hair: Kin
Skin: Celestial studios

IKATI-Maiko Mesh top + bra (Black/Green)
IKATI-Camus Pants (Green)
Hair: Kin
Skin: Gala

MEARRA : Casual, Beach/Swimwear, Fresh everyday separates.

MEARRA-Beloozy buttoned shirt(Red)
MEARRA-Clandi Wide-leg cords (White)
Hair: Truth
Skin: Gala

MEARRA- Gilet-Raye Tank (Black/White stripe)
MEARRA-Nacke Linen pants (Green)
Hair: Aden
Skin: MMSkins

VENUS : Cute party girl dresses as well as chic formal gowns.
FEMME : HOT & funky couture-inspired outfits and separates.
PHUR : An assortment of Gorean-related designs for the Kajira (silks), Panther (skins) & Freewoman (gowns).


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