New Release! High waist skirt "Belle"

One new release to start off this weekend! Its called "belle' and its a high-waist skirt that hits the upper-mid thigh. It can be worn with our without the belt/highwaist portion :)

Comes in 8 colors - 4 sets (200L/set, 700L for the fatpack), each set has 2 colors (Purple/Blue, Black/White, Red/Pink, Camel/Green). The belt is tintable, so you can match it to whatever top you choose to wear.

Hope you like! More releases this weekend, so stay tuned!

:axel: April Dollarbie

Sorry forgot to mention in the previous post that we have a new dollarbie sitting in a pair of giftbags in the main lobby of the store :)
Its an exclusive color set of the Lola Jumper. It comes with the Jumper in a dark teal available on all layers, as well as a sunny yellow pointelle undershirt (also all layers) as well as matching calf length yellow leggings (all layers) .
See below for pic! (Click image for larger higher resolution image)

:axel: Newness and More.......

Hi~ The brand spankin new :axel: store opened this past Sunday and I thought Id just share a few of the things you will find here!
First brand new build ~ We have consolidated everything under one roof, and pretty much got rid of all our old inventory (which can now be found at our clearance location).
Also, tons of mix-and-match items grouped together in colors so that you can coordinate outfits better. We also have a small selection of flats and heels as well as handbags :D
For higher resolution images, please click on the image :) .

Also, we are looking to fill the frames in the inside lobby of models wearing our items, if you wish to have your photo in the lobby, feel free to send us a notecard with your picture as a full perm texture or a link to your flickr post, and your avatar name :)

Taxi to : axel:

Lila and Niki Axel



:axel: is now open!

We just finished with the building, the packing, the pricing ,the "perming" etc. and it is FINALLY done! The store is now open *wipes sweat off brow*.

Be sure to come check it out, and be sure to pick up the gift located in the store lobby.

New Store, New Look, New Stuff!! - Grand Opening of AXEL coming Sunday!!!!

Hi! Our new store is almost complete!! Just a few finishing touches here and there and we are good to go! The new mainstore will open its doors tomorrow (not sure what time though) . We are offering tons of new stuff including shoes and handbags!! We have done away with the many small stores our build used to have and hopefully have made it a bit easier to navigate and find things.
Our inventory has definetly shrunk and the majority of our old clothing can be found at our discount/clearance store with items going from 5-75L.

Our new store offers most of our items in packs of 2-3 colors at the same price as you would buy one. Aside from helping you save your lindens, it helps us keep our prim count low so that we can bring to the store more items :)

If you havent already, please join our SOM group so that you can get the LM to the store when it officially opens :) (you can find the som at the axel clearance store) .

~Lila Axel

Don't miss out on the SALE!

oHai, again! Sorry for spamming! I am making up for the almost 2-months of absent blogging :P

We have a Sale going on at /AXEL. Don't use your old landmarks, please use either this SLurl:, or use Search Places tab: AXEL.

We have been rebuilding the store, & if you have been following mine & Lila's plurks (My Plurk) (Lila's Plurk) you will know the dramorz involved with that.

Back to the SALE ...everything is on sale for 50-75% off the original price. This includes everything that was at AXEL, including hair, but not including the newer releases.

There are dresses, seperates, full outfits, shoes, socks, hairstyle, swimwear etc. Price range : $5L - $125L. Most of it is in the $50-70L range :)

The new store will have ALL new items and some things that we had before but revamped.

You can check the older posts to see what hairs and dresses and things we have, or just take a ride on over :


Niki Axel


Hi everyone!

We closed the mainstore sim down to make room for the new build. We decided just to have a dedicated area for the sale items so its easier for u to shop around...considering the enormous amount of lag the sim can get.

Here is the slurl:

Remember 50-75% OFF!!!!! includes everything from the Mearra, Ikati, Venus, Femme & AXEL-Hair store :)

- Niki & Lila

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