Dollarbie!!!! This weekend only + 2 New Releases!!

If you couldn't tell, we have been super busy making stuff!! hehe. So as I promised in the last post, 2 new releases for you + a dollarbie outfit that is quite festive looking!

/AXEL- Jigul Vest: Comes in 7 colors and in Jacket & T-Shirt layer.

/AXEL- Deev Pinstripe pants: Comes in 7 vibrant colors and in the pants & underpants layer (for the girls who luv to wear boots).

and.....this weekend's dollarbie outfit!!

Its a holiday rendition of the Jigul vest (green/red) and the Deev pinstripe pants (bright red). It will only be offered this weekend for a 1L, so come grab it before the weekend is over.

Align Center

You can find the 2 new releases at the TP landing point in the tunnel with the rest of the new releases. The dollarbie is located next to the Mearra store (where the old coffee shop was).

TP ----> :|: AXEL :|:

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