Say whaaaaa'? 50-75% off existing items!!

oHai! It's been a while since we blogged and actually released new goodies for all of you. We have been busy for the past month or two rebuilding the mainstore. The new store will have a ton of new items available, which we will of course blog at a latter time.

SO to make room for all our new items, we have to get put all the older items on sale. EVERYTHING in the store, including hair and accessories and shoes will all be 50-75% off, but this does not include the newer releases. This will last for about 10 days and then we will shut the sim down so that we can set up the new store store that has been built :D

We are REALLY excited!!!!

Take a ride on over to /AXEL :

Lubs ,

Niki & Lila

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