Thanks all for coming to AXEL this weekend and picking up the Deev pants & Jigul Vest holiday dollarbie :D Keep your eyes peeled for another great shmexy little number that will be our dollarbie this weekend coming!

A few new releases today:

2 New shirts and a new pair of funky suspender pants are out on sale at AXEL.

/AXEL - Riven Shirt (7 different colors- 3 layers) - L$85

/AXEL - Dukme Tunic (7 colors, 2 layers:flared/unflared sleeves) L$100

/AXEL - Chaplin Suspender Pants (10 colors, Pants & boots layer, jacke & shirt layers) L$130

TP -----------------> :|: AXEL :|:


Niki, Lila & Hadi Axel

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