Sexy New Outfit, Dollarbie & HAIR!!


This sexy little number pictured below is called "VIXEN". It comes with a super mini flexi skirt, and a halter with a flexi tie. I also believe that Lila has thrown in the tats that she is wearing in the box too ;)

Comes in various delicious vixeny (its a word now!!) colors! You can find it over in the NEW RELEASES section.


If you want to check the VIXEN outfit out, what better way to do that than to go ahead and grab this dollarbie! Its the same outfit, minus the tats, and in green. Only for this weekend. It will probably come down early Monday morning.


And now for hair!

So these are our first hairs, so hope you guys like them. We incorporatd sculpties into these hairs too, so don't be frightened when you first try the hair on! Let it rezz and the tuborous freaky looking prims on your head will rezz to the proper hair shape.

There are so many hair stores out there, that it is hard to find and make something basic, yet original. Hopefully we achieved that with our three new styles: Sensi, Lush and Annuci.

All the hairs are mod/copy & come in packs of 4 and are $175L. Demos available for 0L




search places: AXEL


Niki Axel

(Hugs to Lila! Hope you feel better soon hon)

1 Response to Sexy New Outfit, Dollarbie & HAIR!!

December 19, 2008 at 10:14 PM

Yay!! Hair!! I'm so excited, will definitely be checking it out.


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