FREEBIE!! (omgnowaysrsly?)

Yes Yes, another freebie!

Basically this post is just to let all you non-group members know that if you join the AXEL subscribeomatic group, you will recieve an exclusive group member version of our yummy shmexy "Dolly" dress for absolutely FREE!

Click on the image to see the full-size image

And its so really now, c'mon what have you got to lose? Join now, grab your freebie and hang on tight for a handful of more new releases this weekend, and possibly another little treat :-D

TP to AXEL (search places: AXEL) or use the SLurl below, then click on the subscribeomatic update group at the end of the entry-tunnel. If you click on the sub-scribeomatic again, a blue dialog box will appear- click on "HISTORY". You now have access to all the freebies and goodies we have given out since we opened the store!!

TP now ----> :: AXEL ::

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