|AXEL| Hand Drawn Designs - Jeans on Sale, and New Release

Hi! Just wanted to inform you all that our jeans are ONLY 50L for till Monday morning!! Also, we have put out a new release from the summer collection that will be in our flagship location. Join the update group for the freebie version ;)
Below are pics of the Geney Jeans in Ocean with the Fleur de Lys Vest in Yellow, and the Kocomo Halter in Black (which is free if you join the update group!)

50L Geney Jeans!

Each week we are planning a 50% sale on one particular item in the temp. store until our flagship store opens. Last week we had our bikini's on sale for 49L - and this week we have decided to sell our signiture Geney Jeans for only 50L (orig. 100L)!!

They come in an assortment of colors, so grab a few - u can never have enough jeans ;)

- Niki

/AXEL/ Hand Drawn Couture

Hi there fashionista's! This is our first blog post thats being fed onto Fashion Planet! Yay!
We are a group of 3 designers, Lila, Hadi, and Niki Axel... we currently have a small preview store located on the Tully High Sim . The halter pictured below is a freebie to group members! Just join the subscribeomatic group by touching the sign inside the store :)
We feature completely hand drawn items...though our store is teeny right now, we are currently working on our flagship location that contains 5 "themed" stores: AXEL/Mearra (beachy, casual), AXEL/Venus (Party Dresses and attire), AXEL/Ikati (Grungy, emo, and Gorean RP clothing), AXEL/Femme (Haute Couture/Weird clothing and outfits), and AXEL/Homme (Mens clothing) .

We are REALLY excited about our opening...which may happen sometime in June (join the update group in the store for updates)... We've already gotten some really sweet and positive feedback by some amazing bloggers (see last blog post)!

We hope you all come and take a quick look at our preview store, and grab a freebie! :D

Direct TP to store: /AXEL/ Preview Store

In the press!!


We sent out some clothes for review, and got a lot of positive feedback!


Thank you so much Gorgeous, Ana and Portia for reviewing our items!

We also installed a subscribomatic in the store, and are already approaching 40 members!! This is great!

We plan on setting at least one item a week for 50% off the original price. Last week we did this for the bikini's we are selling...this week, we haven't decided what yet, but you will know if you are subscribed to Fashcon and are in our group.

We are making new clothes everyday for the flagship store, we are excited to open this space soon, hopefully during this summer.

Welcome to /AXEL/

Hi, before I get in to what our store is all about, let me take the time to quickly introduce myself, and the amazing team behind /AXEL/.
My wonderful bff in RL and in SL is Niki Axel :D My RL brother, Hadi Axel, is a great digital artist, and RL computer software designer...so yea he's a geek hehe...and then there's me, Lila. Im in my late 20's and I LOVE to design things, and am SO excited to share our stuff with you all.

What is /AXEL/ all about? To me this brand has so many facets to it. A fun, funky, fresh side with bright and colorful fabrics, and on another, muted, casual, haute couture like style that is on the edgier side of ready-to-wear.

We feature completely hand drawn, designs, with lots of seperates, and items to mix'n'match.
Our temporary "preview" location is located in the Tully High sim, with a small selection of some of our items. Prices range from 100-650L (fat packs).

Here are some images from our Ad campaign. 1.) Frooty Bikini 2.) Balme Outfit 3.)Plim Outfit 4.) Arbeider Onesie (Red) and the Towsend Tee (White/Spotty)

We are currently working on our flagship location, we anticipate it to be completed in about 2 months and will have 100's of new items not available out our preview store! :)
We will also be featuring an entire store dedicated to Mens clothing!
Be sure to touch the /AXEL/ Update group sign in the store, to receive up to date information and a few freebies to hold you over till the sim opens!!

Lila, Niki and Hadi
(Click here for /AXEL/ at Tully High)

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