...we havent been lazy and just forgotten about the Niki and I have been working on a secret project the last few weeks so getting new stuff out into the store has been slow. Our apologies :( Anyways, I am sure many of you are aware of the tragic bushfire that hit Victoria, Australia, and the overwhelming response from the content creators in SL to give a contribution to the Victoria Bushfire Relief we decided to do our part also :)
The Koala tank is a simple ribbed long tank top that comes in all 5 colors shown below(red, blue, green, purple, and brown). **click the picture for a larger view*

Lila Axel

(search AXEL in places for a direct TP to the mainstore)


Hi hi :) The Greatest Love hunt is coming up next weekend and me and Niki wanted to give you all something cute and wearable (not just for Valentines day)...and since spring is on the horizon I thought to make a cute spring dress.
The dress itself comes in 4 different versions with alternating top and bottom colors with 2 plain versions. Niki made an adorable updo that comes in 4 different colors and uber cute heart clips in the back.
Below is an example of 2 versions of the dress and 2 colors of the hair :)
~Lila Axel

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