Dollarbie :D

Hi Ladies~ Just a reminder that we have the Zoo York Dollarbie sitting outside the New Release area at our mainstore :) I shall be removing it on friday :P

kiss kiss~ Lila Axel (Search Axel in places to find the store..)

AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Dollarbie and Items :D

Hi hi :D

We have a brand spankin new dollarbie waiting for you at the store :D Its a zebra print inspired top with cute little buttons and a flexi babydoll attachment. I hope you like it!

Here are some new items at the store also :D

1.) Overdyed Jeans--- Just your typical pair of skinny jeans, with sculptie cuffs and Im pretty pleased with how they turned out, actually :D They come in 10 different colors!!

2.) Dot-tastic Dress - I love me some polka dots!!

3.) The Zoo York Babydoll Top: Kinda quirky and cute...this is a zebra print inspired top with buttons and a flexi babydoll attachment. Goes great with the Overdyed jeans :D

4.) The Splatter Party Dress: I adore tiered dresses...especially colorful ones :D These are a little too early for spring but meh... You can dress it up or down for a little shopping or out dancing with your friends :D

I hope you like them!!

Lila Axel

HAIR RELEASE!! & Dollarbie Reminder!

Haloo! Just like Lila had said in her last post, I been hammerin' and chiselin' prims this week, and have finally come up with 2 new hairs for the /AXEL-LOXE store.

/AXEL-LOXE Emari : I wanted to create a short hair, that was kind of funky, but sweet at the same time, and didn't look too boyish. I love short hair, so I hope you like this "do". Mod/Copy (you can color the hair clip to match your clothes! Just edit linked parts).

/AXEL LOXE- XiXi : I am a HUGE fan of ponytails, but an even bigger fangirl of side-ponys. So this is my little rendition of a side pony. Its really cute for an everyday look, but you could probably also wear it for a night out with the girls since it has a really cute fresh and girly look to it. It has a lot of sculpted prims in the hair, so don't be frightened when you first put it on and your head looks like a bad case of elephantitis, just wait a bit for it to finish rezzin. :)

You can find both hairs in the /AXEL-LOXE store, and also in the New Releases section.

Last thing , we have a super cute dollarbie out this weekend, HURRY HURRY HURRY before its gone tomorrow morning! If you happen to miss it, you can always pick up the original sweater in the New Releases section :D
Stay tuned for more next week, including a brand spankin' new dollarbie!

Niki Axel

AXEL - Dollarbie and New Releases!!

Hi hi :)
As promised, a brand new dollarbie is waiting for you at the store ;) Its a cute purple and yellow sweater/cardigan that looks adorable with jeans!

Also we have several new releases in the store:

1.) Nikaboom! Dress/Onesie: This comes in several colors, and comes in two different styles (200L) as well as a pair of matching knee high socks

2.) The Dover Denim Skirt: This short mini denim skirt is detailed with buttons, side and back pockets. Available on all layers and in 8 different colors (100L)

3.) The Juneberry Argyle Cardigan: I own something very similar to this irl :) Comes in several cute color combinations for 150L each.

Also...we have a new satellite location at Crush Row, right next to Gypsy Soul :D AND, the lovely Katlene Niven invited us to be a part of the Greatest Love Hunt this february...wooohoo...and I promise our Hunt gift will be adorable :D

There will be more updates this weekend, as I know Niki has been hard at work making Hair :)
Stay tuned!!

Lila Axel

Floresima & Nikaboom!

We gots some awesome goodies coming out this week!! 2 new hairs, a couple new outfits, and stay tuned to the Subscribeomatic for when we are releasing the weekend dollarbie :D

Here is what is new so far this week @ AXEL:

/AXEL: Floresima- Baby doll dress with opaque tights & Ribbon-bow belt - Comes in 5 colors!!

/AXEL- Nikaboom Outfit - Comes with top, shorts, skirt & socks! Comes in 7 colors. $L200!!

Hope you like :D

Winter Blossoms!!!

Hi everyone, Niki here! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

I haven't made anything in a few weeks, mostly because I just got a fantastic new 24in iMAC with all the bells& whistles...I have been a PC person all my life, so I hope that you forgive me for being slow on releases, I am still trying to figure out what to do without a right-click function!! Well, let me just say...Holy Canoli, SL is beautiful!!

I think I finally got the hang of PS in Mac, and so I decided that my first creation for 2009 should be something fun, something cute and definitely something to brighten up the winter blues! So here is this little babydoll that I called "Floresima" It comes in 5 colors, with black patterned tights and a cute little belted bow that is modifyable in case you want to change the color to match a different outfit :D It kind of reminds me of wearing a kitchen apron, but in tube-dress form!!! >.<

Hope you like it! There will be new hair and new clothes this week...AND what has now become kind of an AXEL tradition, weekend freebie grabs! We will keep you posted as the week goes on.



AXEL : Lazy Bones Jones

Hi hi! Happy 2009 everyone :) Its been a while since either myself or Niki have posted anything on the blog or made anything new for the store....well finally I got my lazy butt to work and made this little outfit :) It comes in two versions, a booty short version and a mini skirt version. The outfit is detailed with pockets and gold buttons, accented with a cute matching belt. The outfit also comes with a pair of matching knee high cable knit socks :D
Available in 7 different colors: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Red

/AXEL/ Nikaboom! Set:

Also!! We have a new satellite location located in the wonderfully amazing CRUSH ROW at the Dolly City Sim !! Our store is up and running there too with most of our latest new items...check it out!

We promise to bring you more stuff soon :D
Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel


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