Winter Blossoms!!!

Hi everyone, Niki here! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

I haven't made anything in a few weeks, mostly because I just got a fantastic new 24in iMAC with all the bells& whistles...I have been a PC person all my life, so I hope that you forgive me for being slow on releases, I am still trying to figure out what to do without a right-click function!! Well, let me just say...Holy Canoli, SL is beautiful!!

I think I finally got the hang of PS in Mac, and so I decided that my first creation for 2009 should be something fun, something cute and definitely something to brighten up the winter blues! So here is this little babydoll that I called "Floresima" It comes in 5 colors, with black patterned tights and a cute little belted bow that is modifyable in case you want to change the color to match a different outfit :D It kind of reminds me of wearing a kitchen apron, but in tube-dress form!!! >.<

Hope you like it! There will be new hair and new clothes this week...AND what has now become kind of an AXEL tradition, weekend freebie grabs! We will keep you posted as the week goes on.



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