HAIR RELEASE!! & Dollarbie Reminder!

Haloo! Just like Lila had said in her last post, I been hammerin' and chiselin' prims this week, and have finally come up with 2 new hairs for the /AXEL-LOXE store.

/AXEL-LOXE Emari : I wanted to create a short hair, that was kind of funky, but sweet at the same time, and didn't look too boyish. I love short hair, so I hope you like this "do". Mod/Copy (you can color the hair clip to match your clothes! Just edit linked parts).

/AXEL LOXE- XiXi : I am a HUGE fan of ponytails, but an even bigger fangirl of side-ponys. So this is my little rendition of a side pony. Its really cute for an everyday look, but you could probably also wear it for a night out with the girls since it has a really cute fresh and girly look to it. It has a lot of sculpted prims in the hair, so don't be frightened when you first put it on and your head looks like a bad case of elephantitis, just wait a bit for it to finish rezzin. :)

You can find both hairs in the /AXEL-LOXE store, and also in the New Releases section.

Last thing , we have a super cute dollarbie out this weekend, HURRY HURRY HURRY before its gone tomorrow morning! If you happen to miss it, you can always pick up the original sweater in the New Releases section :D
Stay tuned for more next week, including a brand spankin' new dollarbie!

Niki Axel

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