AXEL - Dollarbie and New Releases!!

Hi hi :)
As promised, a brand new dollarbie is waiting for you at the store ;) Its a cute purple and yellow sweater/cardigan that looks adorable with jeans!

Also we have several new releases in the store:

1.) Nikaboom! Dress/Onesie: This comes in several colors, and comes in two different styles (200L) as well as a pair of matching knee high socks

2.) The Dover Denim Skirt: This short mini denim skirt is detailed with buttons, side and back pockets. Available on all layers and in 8 different colors (100L)

3.) The Juneberry Argyle Cardigan: I own something very similar to this irl :) Comes in several cute color combinations for 150L each.

Also...we have a new satellite location at Crush Row, right next to Gypsy Soul :D AND, the lovely Katlene Niven invited us to be a part of the Greatest Love Hunt this february...wooohoo...and I promise our Hunt gift will be adorable :D

There will be more updates this weekend, as I know Niki has been hard at work making Hair :)
Stay tuned!!

Lila Axel

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