AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Dollarbie and Items :D

Hi hi :D

We have a brand spankin new dollarbie waiting for you at the store :D Its a zebra print inspired top with cute little buttons and a flexi babydoll attachment. I hope you like it!

Here are some new items at the store also :D

1.) Overdyed Jeans--- Just your typical pair of skinny jeans, with sculptie cuffs and Im pretty pleased with how they turned out, actually :D They come in 10 different colors!!

2.) Dot-tastic Dress - I love me some polka dots!!

3.) The Zoo York Babydoll Top: Kinda quirky and cute...this is a zebra print inspired top with buttons and a flexi babydoll attachment. Goes great with the Overdyed jeans :D

4.) The Splatter Party Dress: I adore tiered dresses...especially colorful ones :D These are a little too early for spring but meh... You can dress it up or down for a little shopping or out dancing with your friends :D

I hope you like them!!

Lila Axel

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