Hi :)

Niki and I have been a tad busy trying to update the look of our store with some fresh new photos of our stuff instead of the alpha textures we were using before...kept us quite busy in our little photosphere! But as we continue to change up the look of the store, we made a few cute things for you ladies out there that are season appropriate!

1.) We have the ELM Set that comes in 6 different cardigan colors. It comes complete with the cardigan, the flexi skirt and the belt :)

2.) This is our Garmeh Sweater dress set, available in 7 different colors! It comes with the flexi skirt, fishnet/opaque tights, sculptie collar and cuffs and matching belt.

3. ) This is our warm and fuzzy Spalla sweater, also available in 7 colors. It comes with a off the shoulder sculptie collar, and sculptie sleeve cuffs. The sweater itself can be worn with something underneath or without :)



Lila, Niki and Hadi Axel

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