Being in such a wonderful open community like Second Life, we can expect to see people carrying out their virtual lives in various ways, whether it be making your pixel doll to look like a cute bear cub, whether it be holding down a job to support your shopping addiction in SL, or participating in the many various roleplaying area's. So Niki and I at decided that we wanted to support the roleplayers out there by providing some hand drawn original designs for the Goreans out there.
So far our collection is rather small, but Im rather pleased with how the outfits look.
We are focusing on Freewomen, Kajira, and Panther clothing... :)

These are our panther fur boots, available in 4 colors. Below are examples of the panther attire and the freewomen clothing. Each outfit comes with several items like necklaces, armbands, stockings, veils, earrings and different skirt options... :)

Ill post some pictures of our other items when i get a chance to model some our other PHUR store items. They all come in a variety of colors, we have 2 FW dresses, 3 Kajira silks, and 3 panther outfits as well as a pair of boots (in 4 colors).

We are also gearing up to release a boat load of new shiz for you all :) We are really excited about it hehe...we have scarves, arm warmers, knit dresses, new shorts, plaid pants, leggings, cardigans, sweaters, cami's all coming soon in our November release!

Be sure to join our update group located at the AXEL store TP spot for special releases for group members :)

Lila Axel

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