New Releases at eVe!!

New Releases this week at eVe:
The Zoe Corset and Panty set available in 9 different colors. Detailed front lace-up corset with added ruffles for an extra feminine touch comes with matching lace panties with satin ruffle along the seam. Also, I'm introducing the 5 for 50L panties! Each week I'll release one or two new sets of panties, patterned, lacey, something different every week :) Also available on all layers.
Also, I wanted to thank everyone who managed to stop by my store this week and has blogged any of my items! I really really appreciate it! xxxx
The grand opening gift item is still available in front of the store, so go ahead and pick it up if you haven't! (Picture posted below)


Eden (Lila)

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