eVe...5 for 50L panties and the Holly Camisole Saturday Release

Hey pretty ladies,
I will be releasing a new set of 5 for 50L panties tomorrow as well as a floaty, camisole/panty/PJ bottom set I'm naming Holly. I haven't taken pictures yet, but will be doing so tonight and will post tomorrow after I've set them out for you.
Last saturday I released the Zoe Corset/Panty set, available in 9 different colors (noir, lily, lilac, blush, sapphire, ruby, hunter, wine, rose) as well as two different 5 for 50L panty sets (see picture, below)

Tomorrow is also the last day the grand opening freebie will be available (pictured below), I will perhaps put out some new goodies tomorrow if I have time ;)


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