Don't miss out on the SALE!

oHai, again! Sorry for spamming! I am making up for the almost 2-months of absent blogging :P

We have a Sale going on at /AXEL. Don't use your old landmarks, please use either this SLurl:, or use Search Places tab: AXEL.

We have been rebuilding the store, & if you have been following mine & Lila's plurks (My Plurk) (Lila's Plurk) you will know the dramorz involved with that.

Back to the SALE ...everything is on sale for 50-75% off the original price. This includes everything that was at AXEL, including hair, but not including the newer releases.

There are dresses, seperates, full outfits, shoes, socks, hairstyle, swimwear etc. Price range : $5L - $125L. Most of it is in the $50-70L range :)

The new store will have ALL new items and some things that we had before but revamped.

You can check the older posts to see what hairs and dresses and things we have, or just take a ride on over :


Niki Axel

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