:axel: Newness and More.......

Hi~ The brand spankin new :axel: store opened this past Sunday and I thought Id just share a few of the things you will find here!
First brand new build ~ We have consolidated everything under one roof, and pretty much got rid of all our old inventory (which can now be found at our clearance location).
Also, tons of mix-and-match items grouped together in colors so that you can coordinate outfits better. We also have a small selection of flats and heels as well as handbags :D
For higher resolution images, please click on the image :) .

Also, we are looking to fill the frames in the inside lobby of models wearing our items, if you wish to have your photo in the lobby, feel free to send us a notecard with your picture as a full perm texture or a link to your flickr post, and your avatar name :)

Taxi to : axel:

Lila and Niki Axel

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