On saturday I was out on the town with some friends, and I saw a totally rockin' outfit...an ultra mini-dress with footless fishnets anchored with a slim scarf and ankle boots. It was so chic and fresh that I just had to attempt to replicate it.

This is my rendition of that outfit: Its called "Cutah" and comes with:

Flexi mini skirt
Prim- tight mini skirt
Glitch pants
2 sets of footless fishnets (colored & black)
Optional Arm poofs
Optional Neck tie.

The top has a sweet little bow right at the cleavage, so you can wear it with or without the tie. It comes in 6 colors: Black, Gold, Red, Violet, Green & Electric Blue.

I haven't put it out yet, but I will do this evening. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wollondilly/35/32/76

So here is a picture of the red (with the prim mini) and green versions (with the flexi mini) of the dress, let me know what you think ^.^

Click the images to enlarge.

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