/AXEL/ Hand Drawn Couture

Hi there fashionista's! This is our first blog post thats being fed onto Fashion Planet! Yay!
We are a group of 3 designers, Lila, Hadi, and Niki Axel... we currently have a small preview store located on the Tully High Sim . The halter pictured below is a freebie to group members! Just join the subscribeomatic group by touching the sign inside the store :)
We feature completely hand drawn items...though our store is teeny right now, we are currently working on our flagship location that contains 5 "themed" stores: AXEL/Mearra (beachy, casual), AXEL/Venus (Party Dresses and attire), AXEL/Ikati (Grungy, emo, and Gorean RP clothing), AXEL/Femme (Haute Couture/Weird clothing and outfits), and AXEL/Homme (Mens clothing) .

We are REALLY excited about our opening...which may happen sometime in June (join the update group in the store for updates)... We've already gotten some really sweet and positive feedback by some amazing bloggers (see last blog post)!

We hope you all come and take a quick look at our preview store, and grab a freebie! :D

Direct TP to store: /AXEL/ Preview Store

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