Welcome to /AXEL/

Hi, before I get in to what our store is all about, let me take the time to quickly introduce myself, and the amazing team behind /AXEL/.
My wonderful bff in RL and in SL is Niki Axel :D My RL brother, Hadi Axel, is a great digital artist, and RL computer software designer...so yea he's a geek hehe...and then there's me, Lila. Im in my late 20's and I LOVE to design things, and am SO excited to share our stuff with you all.

What is /AXEL/ all about? To me this brand has so many facets to it. A fun, funky, fresh side with bright and colorful fabrics, and on another, muted, casual, haute couture like style that is on the edgier side of ready-to-wear.

We feature completely hand drawn, designs, with lots of seperates, and items to mix'n'match.
Our temporary "preview" location is located in the Tully High sim, with a small selection of some of our items. Prices range from 100-650L (fat packs).

Here are some images from our Ad campaign. 1.) Frooty Bikini 2.) Balme Outfit 3.)Plim Outfit 4.) Arbeider Onesie (Red) and the Towsend Tee (White/Spotty)

We are currently working on our flagship location, we anticipate it to be completed in about 2 months and will have 100's of new items not available out our preview store! :)
We will also be featuring an entire store dedicated to Mens clothing!
Be sure to touch the /AXEL/ Update group sign in the store, to receive up to date information and a few freebies to hold you over till the sim opens!!

Lila, Niki and Hadi
(Click here for /AXEL/ at Tully High)

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